About Us

With a growing need for data management, analysis and research computing support – in particular due to the unprecedented growth of sequencing data – researchers and clinicians will benefit from community-driven, reusable approaches to process, analyse and aggregate large-scale sequencing data.

Led by Associate Professor Oliver Hofmann, the Genomics Platform Group is developing, testing, and applying accredited bioinformatics workflows to patient data and large scale research projects, evaluating new technologies at a rapid pace. The team is focused on improved scalability and reliability of sequencing workflows, better detection of changes in cancer genomes, and aims to make tumour data, especially molecular data, from medical institutions and other organisations, accessible for research use in real time.

The Team

  • Peter Diakumis
  • Oliver Hofmann
  • William Putra Intan
  • Sehrish Kanwal
  • Alexis Lucattini
  • Victor San Kho Lin
  • Helen Mitchell
  • Florian Reisinger
  • Roman Valls
  • Stephen Watts

Former Group Members

  • Vlad Savelyev (MacArthur Lab)
  • Nick Clark (Elastic)
  • Lavinia Gordon (Bupa)

The Centre for Cancer Research

The Genomics Platform Group is part of the University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research (UMCCR), led by Professor Sean Grimmond. The UMCCR has the mission to improve cancer patient outcome through genome discovery, translation and personalised medicine. It seeks to achieve this by advancing the molecular detection & diagnosis of cancer, prioritising therapeutic selection via Computational Oncology, and enabling programs in personalised cancer care.

Spanning more than 5000 square meters the UMCCR provides specialist laboratories for cancer cell biology, DNA biobanking, rapid large scale, HTS sequencing and organoid generation and testing. Once fully occupied, the Centre is expected to house more than 260 researchers. It is part of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre located in the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct, an environment for more than 25 health services, academic research institutes and startups. The Centre has recently announced the Illumina - University of Melbourne Genomics Hub program, a $60 million initiative to to accelerate genomics innovation in cancer research.